Our team

About Us

Sri Shankara Constructions consists of highly qualified and experienced specialists. Each team member possesses specialized industry knowledge and brings a global network of renowned industry and technology experts. The unique combination of our team adds value by introducing diverse approaches and perspectives. Our specialized team member has helped us reach heights as commercial contractors at Pan India level.

Everybody in the company works on customer support. The breadth and depth of our staff members allow us to flexibility undertake any construction work from evaluating one specific feature to designing the structure and interaction of large-scale sites.

Our team is adept to working alongside our clients, promoting a constant exchange of ideas.

Our team members consist of:

  • Mrs. Pallavi (Accounts Department Head)
  • Mr. Anil S. (Purchase Department)
  • Ms. Asha K.N. (Project Quantity Surveyor)
  • Ms. Vanith Kani (Project Quantity Surveyor)
  • Mr. Ajay B.G. (Senior Site Engineer)
  • Mr. Punith H.T. (Site Engineer)