About Us

Sri Shankara Constructions is an architectural design and construction firm founded by Mr. Srikanth H.S. Since the time of its foundation, the company has signed many architectural, interior design and landscape projects located all over India. The company has the capacity to undertake projects of different sizes and scales covering concept, design, development and construction phases. Mixed-use buildings, retail, hotel, residential, office, educational buildings, hospitals, cultural centers, sport complexes are some of the constructions which are in the company portfolio, along with landscape design, interior design and graphic design projects. The firm carries on interior and landscape constructions as well, beside the project services.

It follows systematic design and project processes through its staff organization and working methods. The company has an experienced staff with architects, landscape designers, draftsmen, graphic designers and IT experts. The staff is eligible to deal with and to quickly respond to revisions in the projects. It has diverse hierarchical groups within itself, organized into teams due to the scale of projects, with the architects as the team leaders and draftsmen as the specialists. The project services are achieved with the help of an advanced computer network system, hardware equipment such as plotters, printers, scanners, and CAD stations, which the software is legally registered, and are shared through ftp sites with the employers, contractors, and clients.

Sri Shankara Constructions utilizes our executive partners’ extremely vast and diversified experience and to undertake and execute civil engineering projects of any nature and size to be complete within the stipulated time frame and maintaining the highest standard of quality.


As a contractor Sri Shankara Constructions can be aptly placed to execute the following types of projects of any sizes that are to be completed in the stipulated time frame:

  • Hospitality & Healthcare projects
  • Educational Institution Projects
  • Commercial & Residential Projects
  • Infrastructural Development Projects

Sri Shankara Constructions is renowned for providing sustainable solutions in the construction arena. Our specialization spans across all the gamut of the construction industry. Blending technology with innovative designs, our construction philosophy encompasses social and environmental commitment in addition to the financial viability.
Sound expertise, experience and strong ethics, makes us the “GO TO” company for all your construction needs. Our extensive experience includes working as contractors in the construction of residences, apartments, hospitals, schools, hotels and infrastructure. 

Timely execution of the project and transparency has made us take giant leaps in this industry.


To contributing growth and progress in the field of construction industry, by creating a newer, better & meaningful world!


To Consciously Face Bigger Challenges in the field of construction industries!

Core Values

• To Enhance Win : Win Culture in our organization!
• To Provide Solid Structure for Innovation, Initiative and Empowerment in our organization!